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          🎲   Some with surprisingly formative effects...
When I was six I passed out while standing motionless for hours in suffocating hot weather, beside my mom's chair while visiting her ancient aunt. I was taken to the hospital for three days and given all kinds of inconclusive physical tests. A month later they put me back in the hospital and cut out my tonsils and adenoids. Made no difference in how often I was sick, but drastically changed how I felt my head, neck, and throat.

Around 20 October 1953.     2 min read.
Consumed by the Light

          👽   Some with eerily life-changing effects...
By now the ball of yellow light was closer, brighter, becoming huge, beginning to envelop and swallow up my feet. As it crept ever so slowly up around my body I found I was unable to move. It reached my chest and I was unable to breathe. Just before the light swallowed my head, I attained logical consciousness of the consequences of not breathing. But I was totally unable to move any part of my body. In parallel with the classic inventory of my life flashing before me, I frantically (if one can be frantic and paralyzed simultaneously) explored for some bit of my existence I could still control.
(Actually, I have no idea when this happened... Probably after 1953... )

Around 15 November 1953.     8 min read.

          🤼   Separating the Psychoros from superstition
We learn the shape of our world primarily through vision, with some help from hearing and touch, and by the effects our movements have on those sensations. Their pathways through our brains are vulnerable to modern physical influences outside our evolutionary development, and to accidental or intentional social manipulation.

Around 6 January 1976.     8 min read.